Are the readers going to make me get my shoes wet again?

OK, readers, time to make me your puppet. This blog is many things, but its in a diary format and driven by doing what I want to do and where I want to go. Its now your turn. Where do YOU want to see me go and write about on A Taste For The Woods?

The rules are simple. Post a comment to this post, to the Facebook group telling me where I should go and
what I should do – hike, backpack, ride, canoe, or whatever. On June 1 I’ll take the four most popular suggestions and let the readers vote. Winning suggestion I’ll follow up on during the summer or fall, depending on which season is most practical.

There are a few restrictions. One is that the destination must be within a four hour drive (roughly 200 miles) of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. That gives you about half of PA, all of NJ and DE, most of MD and parts of NY and WV to choose from. The four hour rule is simply so I’m not spending all day driving. Also, I reserve the right to reject a suggestion if its beyond my abilities or my health – for instance, serious whitewater, which is beyond my abilities, or running a 10K, which I can’t do as running is something I’m medically restricted from.

So far the top two suggestions from the Facebook group are hiking in World’s End State Park and hiking in and around the town of Jim Thorpe. Keep them coming!

Now, GO!