I wish I had better news to report. Terra Nova, as of last night, is staying at the Church of the Mountain hiker hostel in Delaware Water Gap, PA. He plans on taking a zero day today and rethinking things. While his determination is in place, the heat is sapping his energy. This is a common problem for people with MS – the wide range of symptoms associated with the condition worsen with heat internal and external. And Pennsylvania has been very warm the past couple of days.

Regardless of the outcome, I am proud of my friend. And now he’s completed 240 miles of the AT, the entire length of the trail in PA from Pen Mar to the Delaware Water Gap. He still feels he could complete the hike, but his body is giving out on him. Fall and winter hiking would work much better for him, but he felt he needed to hike now since he never knows if he will be incapacitated by a flare up.

I will continue to keep you updated on Terra Nova. Keep the support coming, please. He needs it.