I arose early the next morning, pleased to find the tent intact. I dressed, ate, broke camp, and drove to the showerhouse at the beach on the lake so I could clean up. It was a short walk from my car to the showers, and I had the lake to myself on this Monday morning.

I could have easily spent several days here. And that was the problem.

My next destination was World’s End State Park, four hours away. I had to be there by Wednesday morning. This meant either today or tomorrow had to be a ‘travel’ day.  A travel day means I’m spending the bulk of the day in the car, and not in the woods.  My zig-zag itinerary through Westsylvania meant I had to commit a lot of driving time.

Today or tomorrow? Spend another day at Raystown, or head north now? I took out a quarter, and tossed.

Tails. I traveled today.

I drove out of the Seven Points area and headed north along the lake.  I planned a couple of stops at the dam and the Ridenour Overlook before heading on. While the overlooks were very pretty, they only made me regret that I had so much time I had to devote to traveling today, and so little to devote to enjoying the outdoors. The sky reflected my mood.

I lingered a few minutes before I got back in the car and headed to my next stop before World’s End – the Thousand Steps.