As I mentioned in the Packing List post, for food on my upcoming backpacking trip on the Loyalsock Link Loop trail I was going to go with basic items that cook quickly in little water. This includes oatmeal, Knorr packaged pasta meals, and pouched tuna. Unfortunately I don’t own a food dehydrator and I will be car camping for a week before the trip so I won’t be able to prepare homemade alternatives.

My concerns are carrying enough calories to prevent this trip from turning into a Pennsylvania version of the Donner Party and having foods that won’t upset my stomach. Exertion causes me to develop a ravenous appetite, and I’m going to be pushing myself harder than I normally do. I’m not a forager, and while I have a copy of Euell Gibbons’ Stalking The Wild Asparagus on my bookshelf I’m not going to trust myself to start using it this trip. (Besides it adds to the pack weight.)

Aside from eating, there’s the result of eating. I have what a more reserved generation would call “a nervous stomach” and I’m going to be under considerable stress during the trip even if it goes well. The last thing I want is to add to the potential physical discomfort I’ll suffer by adding IBS to the mix.

So then, here is what I will eat for my three days and two nights on the trail. As usual your comments are helpful to me, as they help me rethink my choices.

Instant oatmeal, two packets
instant hot chocolate

Day one – peanut butter sandwiches brought with me
Day two and three – Knorr pasta packages

Knorr pasta packages
Bumblebee or Starkist pouched tuna, various flavors

Trail mix