How did you spend President’s Day?

Readers will remember three months ago I had a little fall at the Kimmel Overlook on the Appalachian Trail. The Emergency Room at my local hospital diagnosed a “soft tissue injury” in my right heel and sent me home with crutches and a boot. I used the crutches three days and wore the boot for four, and then took it easy for a few more. My first hike after the fall was ten days later, and I’ve been hiking since.

However, the past couple of nights at work I’ve had occasional tenderness in that same heel. I suspect its because I’m wearing shoes that don’t support my arches. Or I should write my fallen arches, as like many fat and former fat people my arches are flattened. Since I don’t want the problem to worsen either before or during my planned trip I’m going to get replacement insoles for my shoes and my hiking boots. Also, because I suspect this is the beginning of plantar facsiitis, I’m starting the stretching routines recommended for people with PF. Meanwhile my hiking preparations continue.