Social media is at work to help a young bear in central Pennsylvania. The bear has been allegedly wandering around Perry County with a bucket or sack of some kind stuck on its head. According to a poster to the Save The Bucket Bear Facebook page the Pennsylvania Game Commission has known about the bear for a couple of months but hasn’t taken action. Its a shame to see this animal suffer. Please share this post or visit the Save The Bucket Bear Facebook page. Let’s get some publicity for this cause and bring about some positive action.

UPDATE: This morning, because of the publicity from the Facebook group, some very fine people went out, tracked down the bear, and got the “bucket” off of its head. The “bucket” appears to be the air bag container for a truck. There is video of the bucket removal at the Save The Bucket Bear Facebook page, and linked at our own Facebook page. Thanks to the men and women who saved the bear, and especially the big guy who held the unsedetated bear to the ground.