Readers – both of you – might recall my previous visit to hike at Welkinweir, back in January.

Amazing what a difference a few months makes:

I spent a little over a couple of miles tramping around the grounds of the estate, hiking up and down the hill to the ponds, visiting the native plant gardens, and taking photos. Ninety photos when I was done. The hiking was easier without snow, but I enjoyed fighting the powder too. And January meant no bugs. Still it was worth it to see the wildflowers in bloom in the gardens and along the shore of the pond. And to get photos such as these.

The trails, at least without snow, are relatively easy, and even on descents I didn’t need poles. Surfaces range from crushed gravel near the manor house to dirt and grass around the ponds. Thanks to the heat this week, I did feel the hike more than I usually would, but it wasn’t brutal. I neglected to bring water, but I had some back at the car. Unfortunately I didn’t plan my time well and I had to cut my visit short, as they closed at 4:30 PM the day I visited.

Welkinweir means “where sky meets water”, and is privately owned by a conservancy. The grounds, including the gardens, are open weekdays to the public for a small donation. You can find out more information on Welkinweir at their website.