In my continuing series of short hikes during my recovery from a knee injury I revisited Welkinweir, the estate off of Route 100 south of Pottstown. Readers will recall my previous visits in January and September. Six weeks after my last visit I returned to look at the fall colors, and I was joined by my friend Josh and his wife.

Our hike was very much the hike I took in September – a mile and a half from the visitor parking area around half the lake and back. Along the way we stopped at the native plant garden atop the ridge and the dam and spillway.

In the native plant garden.
Josh and his better half at the spillway.

The hike didn’t disappoint. The weather in October is still warm – what in a less politically correct era we called “Indian Summer” – and the colors on the trees were nearing their peak. Our progress was slowed by my constantly stopping for photos. Fortunately my friends are used to that.

Once again there’s little I can add to the stories my photos tell. I will say this is the first time I’ve seen other people hiking at Welkinweir. The grounds are only open to the public on weekdays during daylight hours, which limits the number of visitors, but still, for such a scenic location I’d expect more people.

Then again, its nice to have the woods, trails, and lake to yourself.