(MattyV is a man curious about the world and everything in it. He is an accomplished speaker, blogger, and podcaster. He currently Jacksonlives in Western Michigan with his wife, two sons, and faithful Chihuahua-Dachshund, Jackson. His websites are:

Readers of A Taste For The Woods might be familiar with Matty from previous posts about his recovery. The accident, and my meeting him in person seven years after he helped me lose 160 pounds, were written about here.)

Rehab Window

This is a photo of the window I spent 2 miserable months staring out of. What made it worse is the view outside. I was VERY familiar with it, but from a different angle. Two years ago I was involved in a serious car accident that almost took my left leg. Prior to that I was an active walker, enjoying the outdoors and everything it had to offer.

The view from the window included a pond surrounded by woods. Being late fall, the view of the pond was unobscured thanks to the fallen leaves. A friend had loaned me his binoculars so I spent days watching the waterfowl as they came and went, even saw a couple of turtles resting on a log. It was torture each day sitting inside while the world outside bustled right along. To go from a place of activity to one of being unwillingly sedentary, it got depressing real fast.

I made it my mission to get back out there as soon as I could to enjoy the outdoors like I had before the accident. I had to take it slow, first with a walker, later a cane, and now I enjoy the outdoors with my trusty walking pole. Sure I walk a bit slower than I had before, but I am thankful for the opportunity to get out there every chance I get.

There is nothing like breathing the clean air, seeing the wonders of nature, taking time to just enjoy being alive. I’ve seen cranes in all their majesty, mallards playing tag, squirrels enjoying nuts, even had the opportunity to see some deer & wild turkeys. I’ve found all sorts of interesting things as well from loose change, dollar bills, to even music CDs on my walks. Whether in the backwoods or the urban streets, beauty and wonder of the outdoors can be found. You just need to take the time to look for it.

It doesn’t matter what your excuse is – too fat, out of shape, too busy – you should find the time to enjoy the wonderful creations around you.

I say again – Forget the view, get me out there!

Here’s a ground view of the pond that I spent my days watching… Pond View