Another of my short hikes from Saturday. I had a tremendous feeling of disappointment about Money Rocks County Park. A friend recommended the overlook, as did the book 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Harrisburg. So I traveled to the wilds of Lancaster County hoping for a bargain. Instead at this free park I got what I paid for.

The trail to the rock formation isn’t long or rocky by Pennsylvania standards, but it is covered with graffiti. So are Money Rocks. While the formation allegedly gets its name from farmers hiding their savings in the crevices, its clear Lancaster County isn’t making an investment in the park.

Unfortunately the promised view of the Welsh Mountains isn’t worth the effort of the climb. At least during the growing season, the overlook is overgrown. Add in the trio of young men smoking pot at the top of the rock formation, and I had reason to find the visit more a trial than a pleasure. It didn’t help the young men called me “sir.” Perhaps they thought I was a narc, although they didn’t take any care to hide what they were smoking. 
Still, it was hiking, and the worst day of hiking beats sitting on the couch. And this was far from the worst day. While I’ll probably never go back to Money Rocks, I’m glad I went.