From the Facebook page for Hunters United for Sunday Hunting

This post isn’t about Sunday hunting, but the image above is so striking I had to use it. And it illustrates the important topic of the mentor youth hunting program, and why we should keep it.

Pennsylvania was the first state in the nation to begin a mentored youth hunting program, and in the decade since the program started 30 other states began their own youth hunting programs. However, the Pennsylvania Game Commission – yes, the same group that recently tried to ban hiking on lands they administer for we the people – wants to drop turkey and deer from the list of game mentored youth are allowed to hunt. As these are the most popular species for hunting, removing deer and turkey would effectively kill the program. I’m not a hunter, but I know hunting is a popular and worthwhile participation in the outdoors. I’d rather kids be outside hunting birds than inside playing Angry Birds. I want families, parents and children, to enjoy the outdoors together, and kids to learn the safe and correct way to hunt. And so I feel its a mistake for the Game Commission to make this change in the program.

The hunting community came through big time for hikers and other non-hunters to help defeat the Game Commission’s permit proposals. I’m asking non-hunters to help out our hunting brothers and sisters by contacting the Game Commission and telling them to not make changes to the mentor youth hunting program. The outdoors is for everyone; lets make sure it includes young hunters as well.  Contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission at