I was on vacation, but my hosts were not. Life went on as normal for Sayre Kulp and his family despite the presence of a large man sleeping in their living room. Fortunately the family’s schedules were flexible enough that they could show me their Florida. And in keeping with one of the themes of this website, one day we made the outdoors part of the routine.

Sayre has a notorious bicycle habit, and the car is used as a bike carrier. When it needed a hitch installed, rather than my sit in the Kulp’s house and Sayre wait at the service location, we went for a walk. And as the service was in Daytona, we walked to the Intercoastal Waterway and the downtown park straddling it.

The walk was between a mile and a half and two miles round trip, but the sun was out for one of a few times during my trip. We sat for a few minutes on the piers that jut out into the Waterway, and observed the birds. I also observed the hill in the background. Or what passes for a hill in this part of Florida. Sayre was well known for riding a heavy trike up Mount Penn in Reading, so this bridge is nothing to him.

Our contemplation was broken by a call saying the hitch was installed. We walked back and headed towards other aspects of outdoor Florida.