We’ve set a date for the backpacking overnight trip. It will be relatively short, somewhere in central PA, and tentatively on June 21. The friend I am going with has an ultralight tent he can lend me, which will reduce my pack weight.

I’m excited, but also nervous. And the side of my nature that wants to plan a day in the woods like Eisenhower planning the D Day invasion is going into overdrive. What about water? Bring it all in, or purify, and if I purify, how? Boots or trail runners? And, well, not to put too fine a point on it, what about elimination? I had to dig a hole when rustic camping in 2010 but I forget how I, ahem, managed the mechanics of filling it.

Anyway I have a lot to ponder, and hopefully not over ponder.

In addition there is another friend who wants to get me out for a three day trip on the Loyalsock Loop trail in Lycoming County. The scenery is amazing and much of the hiking isn’t difficult, but 18 miles over three days will push me. I said yes, because this blog is about doing things. But we still have to set the dates.