Readers might remember a previous post or two a few months ago about Stephen at Who Ate My Blog? Stephen was having a hard time keeping focused on weight loss while he was facing the challenge of asking his girlfriend to marry him. She said yes, which made his life both easier and more complicated. And a couple of weeks ago, at a small ceremony in Ontario, Stephen and Rachel tied the knot.

I’m touching on this subject because super obese people are often super isolated, and becoming a social person is as much work as weight loss. Stephen is stressed about struggling with his weight and having put back on a hundred pounds, but the transformation from the man with no prospect of living a life on his own to a man planning on a future with his wife is as dramatic as his dropping two hundred pounds. The folks at Weight Watchers call such things a non-scale victory, and Stephen certainly has them.

So readers, I hope you will follow the link to Who Ate My Blog? and read about the wedding, and if you are so inclined, offer congratulations to the happy couple. And Stephen, if you read this…. dude, you married up. ๐Ÿ™‚