On Saturday I spent some time with my friend Pastor Chris in New Jersey chasing the snow goose. The snow goose spends its summers in the Arctic regions, but winters in the south. The flyway is directly over the Garden State, and they gather by the thousands in fields and meadows. Sometimes they keep to themselves, but they are often found in a flock with the Canada goose.

After a drive of about twenty minutes we came across an enormous flock of the birds near the entrance ramps to Interstate 195. A minute after we arrived someone, presumably the land owner, startled the flock to get them to leave. The group split, landing in three different nearby fields. Mission accomplished, I guess. Unless he owned those fields, in which case he simply spread around his problem.

We approached one of the groups of birds, but they were alert and kept their distance. I wonder if they heard my comment that on seeing them my first thought was I didn’t have a freezer big enough for them.