Due to a conflict I’m moving the weigh in ahead this week. I’m down another two pounds, to 308. I also wore a size 18 shirt for the first time since 2011. Admittedly it was more form-fitting than I like, but still, I wore it and I looked good in it, at least while standing. When sitting I was grateful I was wearing a tie.

“Who is the fat selfie-taking blogger who can wear a size 18
shirt? THIS GUY!”

While we are disclosing sizes, I’m still wearing a size 54 suit. When I was at my low weight in 2007 I could wear a 48, which is still ‘big’ but nowhere near the size 64 I had in the closet in 2004 and 2005. I hope to be back to those sizes by next year.

I celebrated my victories on the scale and off by continuing my rehab. I hiked three quarters of a mile, the first quarter while dressed as I was on the right, and the remaining half mile later, in casual clothes. My ankle bothers me less and less, although the dress boots I wore on the first part of the walk were more uncomfortable than my hiking shoes.

No predictions for the weight loss for the next weigh in. Having lost four pounds over the past two weeks I’m due for an flat week. However, as you can tell from the photo I could lose a pound easily by shaving. If the beard gets any longer people will think I make duck calls for a living.