“Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, its a plane, its a rocket having an event!”

During a recent trip to Maryland I spent some time at Red Glare, the annual rocketry launches held by the Maryland and Delaware Rocketry Association. I’ve written about Red Glare before; while my interest in rocketry is minimal, my friend Chris is into rocketry, and its a great place for people watching. Aside from birders I’ve never seen so many people stare up into the sky like those in the above photo. And of course I’ve enjoyed seeing my friend.

In 2013 Chris was a regular on this website, and I’ve occasionally had requests for information on his progress. I can’t say he’s lost any more weight. And since I don’t weigh people on a scale before forming a friendship with them I can’t say I care. His connection to the outdoors is minimal these days, and I do regret that. But its his choice. I continue to try to lure my friend back onto his bike or to join me on a hike. In the meantime if rocketry gets him enjoying fresh air and activity, its great. That’s the best launch of all.

Chris is the man on the left in this photo.