The Internet is full of lists, so here is another. My goals for 2014 adventures are:

1. My first backpacking trip. It would be an overnight, probably in Pine Creek Gorge on the Mid State Trail. My friend Jacob is an experienced backpacker and he will lead the trip. Time, probably May.

2. Hike Pulpit Rock and, if possible, the Pinnacle. Both are part of the same trail north of Reading. The Pinnacle is alleged to be the best view in PA.

3. Hike Gillespie Point, the Matterhorn of Pennsylvania. Jacob might help me get to the top as part of my backpacking trip mentioned above.

4. Get back to goal weight of 250 pounds.

5. Get my bike fitted so I don’t have hand numbness. One reason I ride so infrequently is that I have to stop so frequently. I want to be unstoppable, if not literally at least figuratively.

6. Hike the “waterfall wonderland” of State Game Lands 13. While Rickett’s Glen State Park is famous for its waterfalls, the nearby SGL 13 has a lot of them too. But they take work to get to as there’s no blazed trail. My friend Ray offered to lead me there sometime this spring. I should hike Rickett’s Glen too.

7. Do an urban hike, the High Line in New York City.

8. Canoe SOMEWHERE. I miss being on the water.

9. Do an overnight, or longer, bike tour. I’ve not toured since 2011 and I’ve not been on the road more than one night since 2010. Again, this depends on getting my bike in order.

10. Spend some time in Western PA, Ohio, and West Virginia hiking and riding. Ohio has a rock formation named Fat Man’s Peril. How can I pass that up?

11. Revisit many of the places I’ve been before – Pole Steeple, Pine Creek Gorge, the Catskills, etc – and have a great time.

All these goals are subject to change or replacement, of course. The only constant is that I want to be a formerly sedentary man. The list will change, but the drive won’t.