Hi folks, I’m the fat guy chasing Neil. One of you contacted him to find out what he did, and is doing, to get away from me. Neil’s away from his computer now, so I thought I’d use his ID for a minute.


What he did to get away from me was:


1. Take responsibility. Neil decided he was responsible for his being over 400 pounds and losing the weight. No excuses. He wasn’t big boned, he wasn’t the victim of the food industry, or his parents, or society, or his metabolism.He made himself fat, and he had to change that.


2. Practice accountability. He weighed himself regularly, recorded what he ate and how he exercised, and noted problems he had. Sometimes he shared information, sometimes he didn’t. But he was always truthful with himself.


3. Swallowed pride. If he had a problem with something, he wasn’t afraid to ask for help, or solicit opinions. Sometimes the advice was painful to take. But he considered everything, and then made a decision.


4. Found joy. Little changes, such as being able to sit in a diner booth, or moving the belt a notch, made him excited. Also seeing progress in others cheered him up. I hated that. I hate seeing people succeed in changing their lives for the better. It makes me angry. It makes Neil almost giddy. I can’t catch someone who is bouncing off the walls with positive energy.


So that’s how Neil got away from me. For now. Hope springs eternal…..


Thanks, the fat guy chasing Neil. Gotta go, I see Neil is coming back to use the computer……