I’ve been quiet over the past week. The headcold going around latched onto me hard, and I’ve been out of commission the past few days.

But while A Taste For The Woods has been quiet, other bloggers and other websites haven’t been. And I’d like to, for the moment, send you elsewhere for some interesting reading that doesn’t quite fit on this blog.

First of all, Justin Willoughby, the man who lost 600 pounds, profiled my weight loss on a “Transformation Tuesday” post at his website. Justin is too kind, and I thank him for using me as a role model.

Losing weight WITH THE OUTDOORS! Meet Neil Brennen. #TransformationTuesday

Secondly, I have guest posts at a couple of Christian websites. In one I discuss how I became a Christian, and in the other I discuss male friendship from a Christian perspective. While I don’t hide my faith here, its not the reason for A Taste For The Woods. So I’m pleased Brian at Hike By Faith and Dayna Bickham at Live Life Out Loud published my contributions.