The photograph on the left was taken in French Creek State Park in November 2010. The photo on the right was on the Appalachian Trail in Pine Grove Furnace State Park last weekend. Almost three years separate those photographs. But my disfigured gait in the photo on the left is only a memory for me. I can’t remember how I used to walk. I’m not sure I could if I tried. And I don’t want to try. 
Some of my friends don’t understand why I gush as I do about my bilateral knee replacement. But I can’t help gushing. There’s not a minute of the day I want to go back to as I was. My world was getting smaller and smaller as I lost the ability to do things – hike, walk, climb stairs …. live. Now my world is only getting larger. How can I keep quiet about that? I want to SHOUT! My eighteen months of recovery from surgery is a struggle, and I’ll struggle some more. But I’ll win, and have a good time doing it.