As I mentioned at the end of my previous post about the Western Reserve Greenway, having ridden the northern end of the trail, I wanted to ride the southern end. My chance came the day I left Ohio. To get to my next destination, Erie, I had to pass near the trail, so I plotted a course to the Oakfield Trailhead, between Ohio Routes 87 and 88.

The stretch of the Trumbull County section of the trail I rode, between the two numbered Ohio roads, was very much like the Ashtabula County section – passing through woods and farmland. The highlight of the ride was stopping at the Mosquito Lake Wildlife Management Area, just a couple miles north of the trailhead. A wooden observation platform stands next to the trail, and gives you a great view of the small lake. The platform is old and rickety, and the area is a favorite for ducks and geese, to judge from the droppings on the trail. I had to dismount and walk carefully when I stopped for photos.

Like the northern end, the trail has a lot of road crossings, but most of them were on little used roads. Still, there were signs posted stating traffic doesn’t stop for trail users. I don’t know if it was a Buckeye State way of emphasizing that one should be careful at crossings, but I used caution riding across the roads.  I walked my bike across Ohio Route 88. By then I realized if I continued riding south I’d be running short on time to ride in Erie, and so I crossed back and returned to the car.

The ten miles I rode were a wonderful break from the long drive to Erie. When I’m back in Ohio I’ll be sure to ride the Western Reserve Greenway again. Peter, my host, suggested riding the whole 43 miles out and back, and that’s a possibility once I get my fitness back. But really, any section would do.