Statistics, to at least one reader, ruin the “zen” of a ride or hike. But Man is a classifying and counting animal. So here are some statistics from my recent vacation in Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and Pine Creek Gorge.

Total number of miles ridden on my bike: 241. This is more than the total number of miles ridden in 2012 and all of 2013 up until my vacation.

Longest ride on my bike: 36 miles. My longest ride since July 2011.

Trails I rode: Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath (three times), Old Muskigum Trail, Holmes County Trail, Freedom Trail, Sippo Valley Trail, North Coast Inland, Western Reserve Greenway (twice), Ernst Trail, East Branch Trail, Presque Isle State Park trail. All of them aside from the towpath, Old Muskigum, and Holmes County were new to me.

Total number of miles hiked: 10

Longest hike: 4 miles. (Most difficult hike I’ve ever attempted – the Raven’s Horn.)

Even though I prefer hiking to riding, I did a lot more riding than hiking. The main reasons were that I have a cycling event in September, the MS City to Shore, I am training for, and because most of my friends are cyclists and not hikers. And since my friends prefer riding trails to riding on the road, most of my rides were on trails. The only road ride I did of any length was a back and forth to lunch in Meadville following a trail ride.

Aside from the good time I had with friends, I’m pleased with my efforts on vacation. I was active in a way I haven’t been in a long time. Now to keep that momentum going.