My visit to Ohio in 2011 was capped by a night ride. Century Cycles in Peninsula, on the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath, runs a monthly night ride during the summer months. The towpath trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is open 24 hours a day, unlike most bike trails and paths, and Century Cycles makes the most of the opportunity. Friday July 8 was hot and sunny, and the night promised to be clear. 
My host Peter dropped me off north of Arkon, and I rode the 20 miles into Peninsula, sweating in the warm afternoon. I reached Peninsula an hour before the start, and I spent the time riding back and forth, up and down the towpath and in town. After a brief dinner, I joined the crowd forming in front of Century Cycles.
The ride leader took us north eight miles to the Station Road bridge, . Photography was difficult due to the lighting conditions, but a couple of photos are worth sharing. The trail winds along the Cuyahoga and canal, passing under the beautiful Route 82 bridge. Riders didn’t need lights for the outbound trip, but dark fell hard, and the towpath was alight with headlamps on bikes and trikes on the way back. A rider saw me busy with my camera and offered to take my photo. Looking back on it, I remember feeling sore but happy, and regretting my trip back to Pennsylvania the following morning. I loved the night ride, and I hope to do one again.