Our friend the Appalachian Trail hiker formerly known as Terra Nova has been busy. Among the things he’s been doing is changing his trail name. He’s now known as Sunny. I’m sure someone will weigh in on ‘proper ATtiquette’ and let the world know if changing their trail name is something that’s done, but as for me, I’m just happy my friend is making progress.

And he IS making progress. To recap, Sunny completed the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. He hiked part of CT, and skipped all of MA. He’s now finished Vermont, and started on New Hampshire. The leapfrogging ahead is so that he can get to Katahdin before the mountain closes. Once he stands on that Maine peak, he will go back and hike the remaining sections.

Sunny’s passage through Vermont was straightforward. He stayed at a trail hostel in Rutland, and was hosted by a trail angel near the border. He is longing for a Starbucks coffee when he can get one. Putting in fifteen to twenty miles a day, he’s feeling strong. “Just praying that my legs hold up and MS can continue to give me a bit of a break until October 1st at least” Sunny wrote. “It’s still a daily struggle for me but I honestly now believe that being out here has helped me tremendously with my symptoms.”

“So roughly 440 miles to go” Sunny wrote. Roughly is right. He’s facing the White Mountains in New Hampshire, which pass above tree line at times, and Maine with its peaks and the 100 Mile Wilderness. He still needs to come off trail monthly for medical treatment. Despite that, I regret my comments in an earlier update that Sunny wouldn’t make Katahdin this year. He’s determined to do just that, and I’m looking forward to the victory photo atop that peak in Maine.