Let’s get to the awesome. Or, as they allegedly say in Boston, the wicked awesome.

Sunny climbed Mount Washington. Its 43 degrees and the winds are about 30 miles per hour.  According to his account he’s suffering from some neuropathy in his legs from the MS, but he’s determined to continue. His plans after descending were to resupply and reward himself with a big steak dinner when he could.

Mount Washington was a major goal of Sunny’s, and after climbing it the thought of stopping came to mind. After all,he just hiked up the tallest mountain in the Northeastern United States. He’s hiked more than 700 miles, a third of the total distance of the Appalachian Trail.  He’s hiked more than most people do in a lifetime, let alone people with MS. No one would blame him for stopping. Least of all his family. However, it’s clear Sunny is pushing on. He’s almost done New Hampshire, and then its just 280 miles in Maine. Just. As he described this part of the hike to me, the Pennsylvania section of the trail “is like a walk through a mall” compared to Vermont and New Hampshire. But its good preparation for what lies ahead.

On to Maine….. on to Katahdin!