My knee troubles reduced my activity level, and I recently visited my favorite county park to help rehab myself. I’ve written about Warwick County Park before, and it remains one of my favorite places to hike. Two miles was too much, but I felt good to me in the woods, surrounded by trees, walking on the dirt trails. The paths are dirt, and uneven, but not excessively rocky, and while I was pushed too far I wasn’t limping when I was done. My hike was in the main part of the park, from the Visitor’s Center, and encompassed part of the Iron Heritage Trail, and the meadow trail along French Creek.

Living in a place with a constant climate might be easier, but here in the Northeastern United States winter is the price we pay for fall. For a month the woods change from green to brown and gold and flame. And in a reflection of the water we see not only the wood’s mortality, but our own. I like to say I have four favorite seasons, but autumn remains my choice. Autumn’s pity and charm is that its glory is so fleeting.