That’s a long title for a short hike and short post. Coventry Forge is at the eastern end of Warwick County Park, and consists of a marker in a field. The forge dates to 1717, and is memorialized in a stone marker and signs.


The hike itself was a stroll through the field. There is no trail from this part of the park to the rest of Warwick, and unless you want to bushwack through some heavy growth you have no choice but to circle the meadow. The three quarters of a mile hike was flat, but walking was harder than I expected. We’d had a thaw after the recent freezing weather, and ice was still on the ground in spots. In other places the ground was soft, and I sank into it with each step.

The meadow was unremarkable as far as photography goes, so I worked on my short game:

Reed grass, if I’ve identified it correctly.

Having completed the loop and wanting more hiking, I crossed Coventryville Road to photograph French Creek. There is a short unblazed trail alongside the bridge, so I ventured down it. Wanting to go further along the creek, but not wanting to get my feet wet, I started down the bluff bank. Not a smart move. The soft ground gave way and took me with it. I fell about three feet onto the bank of the creek, landing on my butt.

Aside from my pride, I had no injuries. I knew I might be bruised the next day, and my wet jeans were uncomfortable feeling. I proceeded to make the best of it.

From a seated position.

I got up, carefully continued along the creek looking for a way out, but didn’t find one. I turned around and just as carefully made my way back to the car. The bluff bank held for me this time.

At the car, after scouting out the area and determining I was alone, I changed into a pair of sweat pants I had in the back seat. I didn’t want to grind mud into the driver’s seat, and I was prepared to drive home in my underwear if I had to. Fortunately I didn’t have to.

The aftermath.