During a recent visit to Maryland’s Eastern Shore I spent an hour or so wandering at Millstream Park in Centreville, a small town about twenty miles inland from Kent Island and the bridge to Annapolis. I hadn’t expected much from the town park, but the clerk at the local gas station store told me there was a nature trail, so I headed over. And once again I was surprised.

The entrance to the park shows it to be the usual playground and pavilion area, until you notice the trail along the sluggish stream. Following it brings you through wetlands, over bridges, and through a small stand of pine. The trail surface is dirt and in some cases an improved dirt road. Snaking around and across the stream as I wandered I saw and heard robins, woodpeckers, ducks, geese, and at the end of the hike a bald eagle soaring above.

I was the only person on the trail that Sunday morning. Perhaps the residents of Centreville were in church, or sleeping in. Regardless it was a great three quarter of a mile walk, and since the trail is an out and back I got to repeat it in the other direction. I hope Centrevillians use their park and trail. Its too nice not to.