Again an early weigh in, as I’m busy tomorrow. So as of today I’m down another pound, to 313. I’ve lost the weight I’ve gained over the Christmas/New Year’s/my birthday holidays. Now to get rid of the remaining seventy or so pounds…..

While that sounds intimidating, I don’t feel it is. I did it before and I know what I should do. While my diet hasn’t been perfect, or even close, I am tracking, which means I’m thinking before and after something goes in my mouth. No more automatic eating.

Also, thanks to my friend Sayre, I now have a gym exercise routine. I’m going to start in the gym by the end of this week, and while lifting doesn’t burn a lot of calories in itself it raises your metabolism which increases your burn rate. And what guy doesn’t look good with more defined muscles? My upper body strength is, well, nonexistent, and lifting will help build it up. That can only help with cycling, hiking, backpacking, and rowing.