While I do a lot of hikes and rides that involve travel, I also hike “at home”, and I’m always looking for new places to explore. For years web searches brought up “Birdsboro Waters” as a place to hike, but most of the links had little information on the place aside from the fact it existed. But on coming across photos online, I determined to try to find the place this Sunday.

Birdsboro Waters is the water supply for the Borough of Birdboro – try saying that fast five times in a row! – and is located south of the town. Pennsylvania Route 23 brought me to Elverson, and eventually to Hays Creek Road, AKA State Route 82. And then I hit a dead end.

But so does anyone who visits. State Route 82 was closed for some reason, and now the point of closure is the parking area for Birdsboro Waters. I parked on the shoulder and walked about ten minutes on the crumbling and graffiti-tagged road before coming to a small rise in the road. I took the gravel road to my right and began to walk up the hill. At the top of the short climb the road split as it circled Indian Run Reservoir.

Birdsboro Waters describes this area of Hays Creek and the three small reservoirs Birdsboro drinks from, but for most people Indian Run is what they come for. At a normal walking pace it might take fifteen to twenty minutes to loop the lake, but I kept stopping to drink in the view. I love tall tries, pines especially, and the path featured them.

The late afternoon light turned the water to quicksilver, and when a woman’s dog wanted to play fetch into the lake, I quietly cheered.




After spending time at Indian Run I tried to explore other areas, for instance a bridge on the closed SR 82, and what appeared to be the ruins of a canal along Hays Creek. I found a small waterfall, man-made but pretty nonetheless.

I spent time looking for a road or trail to one of the other reservoirs, Stinson Run, but couldn’t find it. So I turned around with three miles under my feet. Aside from having to pass the graffiti both ways I enjoyed my visit to Birdsboro Waters, and I hope to return when the leaves begin to turn colors next month. Or if I can find the way to Stinson Run Reservoir.